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 Qilong Chemical Co., Ltd. is specialized in R&D, manufa-cturing and marketing APIS, pharmaceutical intermediates,we have two affiliated manufacturers. More than 70 percent products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and Southeast Asia. Our factory located in Qichun town, Hubei Province, our sales center located in Ningbo, a beautiful coastal city in the east region of China.
In the past years, Qilong chemical Co. Ltd. has established its professional team and advanced managements, excels in product sourcing and customized products. Qilong chemical has built close collaborations with several well-known institutes in China. Development of new fine chemical, custom synthesis has been a significant part of our chemical's production...
As the fast development of new fine chemical, custom synthesis has been a significant part of Qilong's production. Our custom synthesis department can supply quantities ranging from kilograms to tons.....

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  + Antibacterial Drugs API & intermediate
  + Antihypertensive Drugs API & intermediate
  + Antiviral Drugs API & intermediate
  + For Cardio-cerebral- vascular Drugs API & intermediate
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